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FAQ 3.0

Notapor sectario el Vie Mar 01, 2013 9:01 pm

Nueva FAQ... muy necesitada pero ni la mitad de lo que me hubiera gustado.

Cartas baneadas
Nueva incorporación... Glimpse of the Void

Endless Interrogation (Summons of the Deep F82)
Magah Bird (Dreamlands F110)
Glimpse of the Void (Forgotten Lore F14)

Una errata para el Khopesh, básicamente el herir al personaje vinculado es considerado coste... con lo que si se cancela la herida no se hiere al personaje oponente. Así que el combo Khopesh+Agency Bodyguard ya no se puede utilizar
Khopesh of the Abyss (F16)
Should read “ Action : Wound attached chracter to choose a character. That character takes 1 wound.

Otra errata para el Necronomicón de Shub-Niggurath. De forma que se acabó el combo de Logan+Necronomicón+Altar of the Blessed (que daba +1 valor)
Touched by the Abyss
The Necronomicon (F112)
Should read: “ Action : Sacrifice attached character and shuffle the Necronomicon into your deck to put into play all characters from your discard pile with less printed skill than the attached character.”

Aclaraciones a las reglas
Muy poca cosa. Se aclara que un personaje nunca en inmune a sus propios efectos.

Esta aclaración seguramente va para
"The Claret Knight": mostrar
• The Claret Knight
Her Sworn Champion
Type: Character Faction: Neutral
Cost: 3 Skill: 1 Icon: (T)(C)(A)(I)
Immune to triggered effects.
Response: After a Tactic card is played, ready The Claret Knight.
Illustrator: Bryce Cook
Set: SoK

Aclaraciones sobre el tiempo del juego

Se mantiene la estructura de Acciones y Respuestas
1. Action is initiated.
2. Disrupts
3. Action is executed.
4. Passive abilities (requirements now
met) are initiated
    I. Passive ability is initiated.
    II. Disrupts
    III. Passive ability is executed. (Follow steps I through V, etc.)
    IV. Other passive abilities (requirements now met) are initiated.
    V. Forced Responses are initiated.
5. Forced Responses (requirements now met) are initiated.
    I. Forced Response ability is triggered.
    II. Disrupts III. Forced Response is executed. (Follow steps I through V, etc.)
    IV. Passive abilities are initiated.
    V. Other forced responses (requirements now met) are initiated.
6. Responses
    I. Response is initiated.
    II. Disrupts
    III. Response is executed. (Follow steps I through V, etc.)
    IV. Passive abilities (requirements now met) are initiated.
    V. Forced Responses (requirements now met) are initiated.
7. End of Action

Pero se añade la siguiente aclaración:
After the action window is entirely resolved (Step 7), the game moves on to the next player action or framework action. Any unused response opportunities (or “open gates”) are now lost, and players holding unused responses must wait for another opportunity during a later action window.

NOTE: There can be no Response actions triggered to “end of phase” effects resolving

Preguntas y respuestas comunes
  • Can Hamu XX no puede recuperarse a si misma
Can Hamu XX 15:14 return itself to its owner’s hand using it response ability?

Hamu XX 15:14 will not be able to return itself given the order of framework actions. Targets for Hamu XX 15:14 are choosen in step b of its resolution. However Hamu XX 15:14 isn’t in the discard (from the payment for the effect) until step e

"Hamu XX 15:14": mostrar
Hamu XX 15:14
"The Chimes of Bedlam mark the hour."
Type: Event Faction: Hastur
Cost: 0
Play during any player's draw phase.
Action: Place this card face up on your deck.
Response: After a character is made insane, discard Hamu XX 15:14 from the top of your deck to choose up to 2 cards in your discard pile. Add those cards to your hand.
Special Attribute: Steadfast x1 Hastur
Illustrator: Jesse Mead
Set: SoK

Los pasos a los que se refiere en la aclaració son los siguientes:
"Pasos de una acción activada": mostrar
After a player initiates an action, the timing window starts. For the initiation stage of any player action, a player must go through the following sub steps, in order. The first step is always revealing the card or declaring the intent to use an ability. Then:

a) Determine the cost (to either play the card or pay for the card’s effect) or costs (if multiple costs are necessary for the intended action).
b) Check play restrictions, including verification and designation of applicable targets or cards to be effected.
c) Apply any penalties to the cost(s). (Any effects that modify a penalty are applied to that penalty before it becomes a part of the cost.)
d) Apply any other active modifiers (including reducers) to the cost(s).
e) Pay the cost(s).
f) Play the card, or trigger the effect, and proceed to step two

Claro que si tienes dos Hamu XX se pueden ir buscando entre si

  • Interacción entre Living Mummy y el Necronomicón

How does Living Mummy interact with the Necronomicon (Olaus Wormius Translation)?

A Forced Response is resolved as soon as the entire effect it is responding to resolves. So Living Mummy’s effect will resolve after the Necronomicon’s ability resolves, completely

"The Necronomicon: Olaus Wormius Translation y Living Mummy": mostrar
• The Necronomicon: Olaus Wormius Translation
Olaus Wormius Translation
Type: Support Faction: Shub-Niggurath
Cost: 3
Tome. Relic. Attachment.
Attach to a character you control. Shuffle all other copies of The Necronomicon back into their owners' decks.
Action: Sacrifice attached character and shuffle The Necronomicon back into your deck to put into play all characters from your discard pile with less skill than the attached character.
Illustrator: Jesse Mead
Set: TbtA

Living Mummy
Type: Character Faction: Yog-Sothoth
Cost: 4 Skill: 4 Icon: (C)(C)(A)
Forced Response: After Living Mummy enters your discard pile from play, wound all characters.
The book had warned of this, mused Vaughn. He had succeeded in raising nothing but the liveliest awfulness.
Illustrator: Matt Dixon
Set: Core


  • Consulta sobre la secuencia de turno
In the Detailed Turn Sequence chart on P.13 of the core set rulebook, there is no mention of step “5. Determine Success”. Is this step also in the same
green box with the icon struggles in the Turn Sequence chart?

The chart on page 13 is intended to show the breaking up of game and player actions while the written section starting with page 8 is the turn sequence which seeks to give the information on how to play/resolve each phase and subsections of a phase. On page nine there is a detailed breakdown for Story Card

On page 10 that section reads, “Determine Success.” This shows that determining success is part of resolving the story card, so would be included within that green box as resolving the struggles.

  • Interacción entre Maestro de los MItos y Hanyatl's
If Master of Myth’’s enters play via its ability, then is driven insane (e.g. by Hanyatl’s 7:13), does it go back to the hand at the end of the turn?

Yes. The effect on Master of Myth’s creates a lasting effect that will resolve regardless of whether it is sane or insane, as long as the card is in play.

Si el Maestro de los Mitos se vuelve loco, sigue regresante a la mano al final del turno en caso de seguir en juego... ya que el efecto de volver a la mano se ha activado cuando el propio Maestro de los Mitos entraba en juego.

"Maestro de los MItos y Hanyatl's": mostrar
Hanyatl's 7:13
She will give birth to madness...
Type: Event Faction: Shub-Niggurath
Cost: 0
Play during any player's draw phase.
Action: Place this card face up on your deck.
Response: After 3 or more characters are commited to a story, discard Hanyatl's 7:13 from the top of your deck and choose 1 non-Ancient One character to go insane, ignoring Willpower or [Terror] icons.
Special Attribute: Steadfast x1 Shub-Niggurath
Illustrator: Jason Behnke
Set: SoK

Master of the Myths
Type: Character Faction: Silver Twilight
Cost: 3 Skill: 3 Icon: (A)(A)(A)
Lodge. Independent.
Willpower. Toughness +1.
Action: Pay 1 to put Master of the Myths into play from your hand. If Master of the Myths is still in play at the end of the phase, return it to your hand.
"There is a kernel of Truth to all myths."
Illustrator: Leonardo Borazio
Set: IT

  • Consulta sobre poner contadores de éxito al defender
Is it possible for the defending player to succeed at a story?

No. The skill check is to determine whether or not the active player is successful. If the inactive player has equal or greater skill than the active player he has kept the active player from succeeding at the stroy, but has not himself been successful

En serio... me sorprende mucho esta duda :roll:

  • Cartas que copian texto de carta autoreferenciada
If a card copies another card’s text or effect and the text includes self- references (i.e. the card’s title) is it replaced by the card’s title that is copying the effect?

Copying a character’s text box does just that. All examples of a card’s name remain unaltered, and as such refers to cards of that name only

Esta FAQ me ha dejado un sabor de decepción. Me alegro que en el highlander que vamos a hacer en Barcelona se haya ampliado las restringidas :P
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Re: FAQ 3.0

Notapor K-PA el Sab Mar 02, 2013 9:49 am

bueno bueno, algo es algo
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